The Great Features Of PG Soft’s Mahjong Slots

Playing Mahjong is fun and exciting, especially if you can play it at an online casino. The best part about Mahjong slots is that they are easy to understand, and the rules are simple enough for anyone to follow. The game’s goal is to match tiles with the same pictures on them to remove them from the board.

PG Soft brought its spin on the classic game of Mahjong to the online casino world with its version of Mahjong slots. The company has developed several versions of this game, including the Mahjong Ways 1 and Mahjong Ways 2 Slots.

This article will look at the features of PG Soft’s Mahjong Slot games and what makes them so popular among online casino players.

Features of PG Soft’s Mahjong Slot Games

1. RTP and Volatility

The games have a relatively high RTP, meaning players can expect to win more often. The average RTP for Mahjong Ways 1 is 96.92%, while the average RTP for Mahjong Ways 2 is 96.95%.

These are both above-average returns for online slot games, making the game appealing to many players who want to play slots that offer similar odds as land-based slot machines.

2. Bonuses

PG Soft’s Mahjong Slot games also have several bonus features, including free spins and a wild symbol. The wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels except in place of the scatter, and when it does, it will expand to cover all positions where it appears.

Players will be awarded ten free spins when they land three scatter symbols. And each additional scatter gives you two more free spins.

3. Mobile Gaming

You can also play these slots on your mobile device. The games are available both in the Google Play Store and the App Store, so you can download them for free and start spinning immediately.


PG Soft’s Mahjong Slot (slot pg soft mahjong ) Games are an excellent way for players to enjoy the classic game of Mahjong while also having fun with slots. The company has put together several versions of Mahjong, so you can find one that suits your preferences. These games are perfect for you if you’re a fan of both Mahjong and slots.